Reviewing Joker: A Movie that will Blow Your Mind

Soon, the world will have a new clown king of Crime with the release of Joker. The film starts when a trio of drunken Wall Street goons attack Arthur (played by Joaquin Phoenix) in a subway car, he reaches a breaking point. The fallout from that incident lights the match for an already on-edge Gotham City — pestered by garbage strikes and “super rats” and general civic decay — sending angry mobs into the streets in protest.

There are many other plot threads to follow, several of them are illustrating towards the Wayne family and Arthur’s own gloomy past, as well as his dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian and finding a way to meet the man he pictures as a sort of kindly father-figure surrogate, late-night host Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro).

Well, it is not a Batman movie and there is no batman. Sure Bruce Wayne is in the story but he’s a child with no idea that his parents will die in few years. The character of Bruce Wayne is mentioned there to explain about Joker and how the world made him.

Joaquin Phoenix is a legendary actor and he proved it with his outstanding performance in the movie. The Grammy award winner and 3 times Oscar-nominated, Phoenix has garnered across genre and medium.

Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.

Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.