Rules in Life that People Usually Understand Late

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readMay 13, 2021


At some point in life, you would feel that what your parents told you about life is actually true. The life that appeared so easy when you were a kid and under your parent’s umbrella suddenly becomes tough when you hold an umbrella of your own and start supporting people under your umbrella.

So here I have compiled some of the important rules in life that people usually learn very late:

Eating Healthy is Very Important:

It isn’t a surprise that 10-year-olds suddenly get diabetic and pre-school children start wearing glasses. If you look at the facts, these body troubles are innate in children and transferred from their parents. And therefore, it is really important to understand and make your kids understand the importance of healthy eating. If you are plump, there are all the chances that your children would face obesity in their life and as a parent, you would never want this. Eat the healthiest food for at least 5 days in a week.

Saving Money is More Important than Spending:

They are right when they say that money has wings and while it is in your pockets or bank account, you would always get the urge to spend it. But you later learn that saving your money is equally important and not just saving, investing it at a safe place. So, in order to control your urge of spending money, invest it at a very safe place so that you could have a grand sum for the needful times.

Life Goes Well in Discipline:

As a teenager or youth, you would have been pretty negligent in your working, eating, and sleeping habits, but you later learn that being in discipline is more important in life. And this mostly happens when you see your kids being indiscipline. If you still do not have kids, imagine how you would feel when you kids adopt the same indiscipline as you follow now.

These are some important rules in life that people understand late, and they even regret it later. So, if you do follow the rules taught by your parents very early in life, the later part of your life becomes easier.



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