Sachin-Dhoni Controversy: Why Dhoni Should Stay Even After WC2019

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readJun 29, 2019


As an ardent cricket fan in India, I am even active in listening to various cricketing on-field and off-field controversies.

And one of the recent things that gained a lot of attention was the remarks of the legend Sachin Tendulkar on Mahendra Singh Dhoni- another wicket-keeping legend in the team.

Sachin was not satisfied with the kind of pace that Dhoni played with against Afghanistan and he remarked this on Twitter. This spurred like a forest fire and soon was a trending topic discussed by every cricketing fan. But as a cricketing legend and a junior should do, Dhoni never reacted to this.

However, things took an ugly turn when Dhoni fans took the matter in their hands and started criticizing the “God of Cricket” for his remarks. And no doubt, the social media platforms played a huge role in adding fury to the fire.

And after Dhoni played another, rather slow knock against West Indies, the haters were ready once again to hear Dhoni announcing his retirement in the midst of the tournament.

But do you think it’s the correct time for Dhoni to retire? Should he do it after WC2019?

Why Shouldn’t Dhoni Retire Until He Wants?

Though many people are waiting for him to hang his boots after WC2019, Dhoni should really plan to postpone his adieu to the international cricket till he is healthy to play since:

· The Indian cricket team has no reliable batsman after the third place apart from him. He is probably the only player you can trust to finish off a match well and win it for you. In his absence, once the top 3 return to the pavilion, you can rarely expect winning any matches.

· The team drastically needs his wicket-keeping skills and as of now, there isn’t any wicketkeeper as good as him. You can name Rishabh Pant but he has still to learn a lot of things such as his stumping skills etc.

· Dhoni has an immaculate sense of taking the DRS. And believe it or not, 99 percent of his DRSs have gone in his favour. Against this, Kohli is one of the bad performers where DRS is concerned.

· Dhoni watches the batsmen very closely behind the stumps and keeps on advising the bowlers about where to bowl. The hat-trick of Mohd. Shami against West Indies is due to Dhoni’s presence of mind.

· He is really cool, calm, and composed on and off the field. While the other players take no time in getting to their nerves, Dhoni is a foil.

Due to all these (but not limited to these), Dhoni should rather stay in the Indian cricket team until he likes and after he retires, he should return to coach the team.

Note: This is not from a Dhoni fan but a person who wishes good for the Indian cricket team.



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