Samsung Galaxy F22 vs Samsung Galaxy A22: What’s Your Pick?

While Xiaomi has seen a huge 83 percent growth in its yearly market share to displace Apple from the second place among the biggest global smartphone brands, I think the danger bells in the house of Samsung would have already run.

Xiaomi defeated Apple and bagged the second spot among smartphone brands with the most market share, while Samsung is still leading the race.

However, the difference between Samsung and Xiaomi is not too much now and if Xiaomi keeps growing at this pace, it would definitely end up being the table topper. To counter this, Samsung has increased its pace and is launching some really good smartphones in the budget and the mid-range segment.

Now if you see the last few smartphones from Samsung, they all have been launched with the Mediatek Helio G80 processor and perhaps Samsung understood that in order to lure customers at a lower price, Mediatek is the best retort.

Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy F22 and Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphones within the difference of a month between them and strangely, these 2 smartphones from different series with different prices have very similar specifications. If you compare the features of Samsung Galaxy F22 and Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphones, you would see that both of them have a similar display, similar Mediatek processor and OS, some similar variants of RAM and ROM, similar 48MP quad-rear camera, similar 13MP front camera and other lots of similar features.

The only differences between them are the battery section where the Samsung Galaxy F22 has a 6000mAH battery while Samsung Galaxy A22 has a 5000mAH battery, although, both of them have 15W fast charging support. Also, Samsung Galaxy A22 exists in a 4GB/128GB variant while Samsung Galaxy F22 does not.

With only these differences, you should also know that Samsung Galaxy F22 with better features costs just 14.5k in India while Samsung Galaxy A22 costs 18.5k in India.

I know you must be wondering that Samsung Galaxy F22 is definitely the better bet at a lower cost, but Samsung Galaxy A22 has some hidden features as well which make the smartphone a lot better than what meets the eyes. However, since most of these features are not normally used by people, they would definitely go for a smartphone with better features at a lower cost. What do you think?

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