Samsung Galaxy M32 5G: Is It Here to Stay?

Samsung Galaxy M32 5G has been a pretty popular device in the mid-range segment and this one from the brand starts at 21k in India. Well, this is a big sum of money to invest in a smartphone, especially when you would have a lot of options at similar or lesser prices.

However, Samsung Galaxy M32 5G with Mediatek Dimensity 720 processor is still very popular in India due to two major reasons which are as follows:

Many People Avoid Chinese Devices:

Considering the huge number of Chinese smartphone brands you have, including Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and many others, and the rate at which these brands launch their smartphones, you would hardly have any time to look at the other options. However, if you do not like going for Chinese smartphones, Samsung is one of the best options for you.

Samsung devices are really durable and contain some amazing hardware enhancements. And therefore, people still love Samsung as a smartphone brand more than any other brand. Even you would have family members who prefer nothing other than Samsung till now. And for such people, Samsung Galaxy M32 5G is a wonderful option.

Meant for Offline Market:

Most people these days tend to buy almost everything online, but there is still a lot of people that do offline shopping, and when you see the price and the specifications of a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy M32 5G, you would think that this smartphone is meant for the offline market. In fact, it is not a bad option at all.

I think people need to stop stereotyping smartphones based on their cost and processors and should look at all the features while buying them. Samsung Galaxy M32 5G is a wonderful option for mid-range buyers.

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