Should You Tell Your Dreams to Others?

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJan 7, 2021

There is a very common saying that you should not tell your dreams or future plans to others. Many people call it just a mind myth but most of them believe that telling your dreams or future plans to other people (people other than in your family) could create a kind of jinx and you rarely succeed in those plans.

Do you agree with such a concept that has been prevalent in society for a long period of time? As per me, while the concept of the jinx is certainly a myth because most people offer jinx as an excuse for their failures.

Don’t you think the most successful people in the world would have faced such a jinx ever in their life? How did they become so successful even after that? Well, it’s because they showed the world how they would succeed instead of telling the plans. And for me, this is quite reasonable.

When you tell people that you are planning to do this in the future, it certainly lessens your spirit a bit. However, when you plan something, do it and become successful at it, people are much more interested in knowing your story than knowing your plans when you have done nothing in your life.

Another aspect of this concept is making full-fledged plans and discussing them with people whom you find intelligent and think that they can help you in your plans. And helping is not just motivating you in your plans or offer resources. In fact, people who criticize you for your plans are also a kind of helper. You would have kept room for some hardships in your due course of action, but these criticizers can tell you some hardships which you would have never thought.

And when you know these hardships, you can always plan solutions for them before you take any action on your plans.

So discussing your dreams and plans with people is not a bad concept at all. You can discuss it with your parents and ask your parents to keep quiet about them to society. Besides, discussing it with a few intellectual people, even if they are jealous of you is quite reasonable. You would get some indirect assistance which can always helo you in your track.



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