Some Life-Changing Advice that You Hardly Hear

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readJun 10, 2021

Human beings have a habit that can be the best and the worst at the same time. Most people never like to get advice from others and feel that whatever they think and whatever they do is all correct. However, while this is good many times, it can be troublesome as well when you do not listen to a very sweet advice that could have changed your life.

So here are some really important things that you may not hear often, but can have a life-changing effect:

· The best advice in the world is offered by parents but what they would never tell you ever is to never break relations with them. Parents want you to be happy in whatever you do, but they are the unhappiest when their kids stop caring for them. No matter what, never leave your parents for anything in world, not even for your life partner. You would regret this dearly.

· Nobody in the world accepts this but it’s still important to hear this out. Living a show-off life would never satisfy your inner self. Instead, start leading a life that is based on your needs. You would see that you would not only save money in this, but also get mental satisfaction.

· In this age of technology, even the best relations in the world have hit a setback and there are more chances that you would communicate with your family members on a phone call than chat in-person. Well, technology cannot be at fault in this, and only human beings are at fault. Start spending time with your loved ones so that they do not appear a stranger when you need them.

· The costliest smartphones have the best features, right? Well, have you ever wondered if you would use these best features more than once or twice after you buy a costly smartphone? This is again an extension of the second point but something really important to consider.

· Caring for others is important but caring for yourself is much more important. Whether you are a kid that cares to much for your parents or a parent that cares for your kids, make sure you take care of yourself really well, because if you are unwell, you can never really take care of the others.

· Do not share all your secrets with anyone in the world, not even your parents or life partner. There are some things that you need to take them to your grave with you and believe me, keeping them in your heart is much better than telling it to others and regretting later. Also, you should have at least the sense to know the kind of secrets you have which you should never tell anyone.

These are some life-changing hacks that can really bring a huge difference in your life. Make sure you at least ponder over them and if good enough, you can always follow them.



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