Some Unsaid and Unwritten Social Rules

  • When in public transport, always talk in a soft, low tone, and if you need to shout at someone, wait till you go out in open. Never put your phone on a speaker at a busy place and never play music too loudly at such places. You have earphones to help your needs for all such acts.
  • Never touch anyone’s body part, whether hand or head for anything, if you are not too friendly or family with the person. This is an offensive act, even if you are trying to be friendly.
  • When at a restaurant for someone’s party and are asked to order, choose the dishes that are not too expensive and get the opinion of the others. Places, where you are about to get free food, are not those to show your rich taste in food.
  • A small help goes a long way. Be generous in tipping a delivery person or a waiter. This is not at all necessary, but if you have received good services, it’s your duty to pay back.
  • Never make a surprise visit to a friend’s house. In fact, unless it’s one of your closest family members, do not make a surprise visit to anyone’s home. People do not like it these days.
  • When using someone’s toilet, make sure none of your waste is visible in any portion. Make sure to flush the place well and if you are using sanitary pads, tissues, floss, or anything worth the wastebasket, it should go inside the waste bin and never anywhere else. Even your broken hair strands should not be visible.



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Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar

Tech Lover, traveller and a passionate writer.