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3 min readMar 13, 2018


Success of the Pirates

It was late at night when my smartphone started talking to me. What struck me hard was its words that its soul was burning, it was heating. I knew for sure, the pirates had attacked my phone. But was this sudden? No, I guess I was playing heavy duty games an hour ago and may the heart of my phone-the SOC must have led to the heating issues.

But, it was from one of the major giants in the SOC industry and I was baffled by the fact that, how can the best compromise on the processing experience itself. I deep dived a bit more and the results of the research hit me hard.

Do you know why half a dozen brands today are successful? It is because of the sham they create and the marketing they do. The sentiments of the buyers today judged by the Click Through Rates and innovation and technology are dying an unnatural death. The concepts of SEO and SMO are just some dying arts and online reputation management is the new weapon held by the most prestigious brands. The plight of the smartphones industry made me and my smartphone cry the whole night that day.

What Made Things Better?

The MWC 2018 event. Oh, I am not a techie but just a keen observer of attention grabbing events and what I saw in the event made me realize that marketing can never replace the work and efforts of a company.

What Makes Me Say This?

At the MWC 2018 event, the SOC giant MediaTek launched the Helio P60, the AI powered smart SOC which even made my phone blush a little.

As the industry leader in developing powerful, highly integrated and efficient system-on-chip products, MediaTek is enabling the future of AI by creating an ecosystem of Edge-AI hardware processing paired with comprehensive software tools across its product range: from smartphones to smart homes, wearables, IoTs and connected cars.

What is so special?

· Energy efficient TSMC 12nm FinFET production process, combined with MediaTek CorePilot 4.0 gives sustained high performance with amazing power efficiency.

· An ARM Mali-G72 MP3 GPU clocked at up to 800MHz, drives performance for the most popular mobile games, resulting in an incredible, smooth experience.

· Big.LITTLE architecture pairs four ARM A73 processors at 2.0GHz with four ARM A53 processors at 2.0GHz.

· P60 delivers 70% higher performance than the previous generation MediaTek Helio P23 series chipset.

· Improved power savings: Compared to MediaTek Helio P23, P60 delivers up to 25% power savings in heavy duty gaming situations and boasts overall power savings of up to 12 %.

After seeing the grand launch and the grander of the project, my heart and my phone were pacified about the fact that there is someone who can take care of my entertainment and my best friend’s, my smartphone’s health. Well you see, Its soul needs to be protected!!



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