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Surprising Ways in We Use Technology in Our Everyday Lives

Technology has been evolving into a complex and diverse system, having an immeasurable influence in all walks of lives in direct and indirect ways. We are at a stage where we can’t even think of our life without using technology. Technology is an instrument to make our lives easier, efficient and improve our standard of living.

It is important to understand what is meant by the word Technology. ‘TECHNOLOGY’ is the process of science converted into a product.”

Technology is not limited to a single object, but is a wide range of products increasing day-by-day for more applications.

Earlier, technology was just an idea used for a scientific development or innovations. As the technology started growing and getting integrated into society, we started becoming dependant on it more and more each day. However, almost all technological products, have negative effects on a society and its people. This can be seen in the way we use our smartphones today, which some might even see as an addiction.

However, it can be seen that all levels of technological devices are used in everyday life from phones and watches to computers and laptops. Nowadays, a majority of the businesses are highly dependent on technology, one can’t even imagine working without internet or computers/laptops.

Here are the top 5 gadgets that are entwined into our daily lives.

1. Computer / Laptops — Computers and laptops are considered as a key source to access information. They help you in surfing the web, creating content, storing files and much more. Computers are one of the most influential technological devices as they and the internet have shaped how we do everyday tasks.

2. Smartphones — Phones were earlier only used as a mode of communication. In today’s scenario smartphones are used for possibly any imaginable task and in a way works like your computers or PCs.

3. Smart TV’s — Smart TV’s can replicate your theatre experience, right in the comfort of your house. There’s a wide range of products which can help you create an ultimate viewing experience. You no longer have to leave the house to get the viewing quality of the theatre. They offer a wide range of quality products with endless options that can create the ultimate viewing solution.

4. Tablets — Tablets have a pool of features and various apps, much like smartphones, and can be used for various activities such as playing games, manage one’s schedule or entertain young children. All of this together helps in making an individual’s life easier.

5. Gaming Consoles — Gaming consoles are used for recreational purposes and a majority of people use gaming every day for the purpose of relieving stress. Some have also used gaming as a career path making their dreams come true.

It’s not wrong to use technology to make yourself more efficient or your lives easier, what is important to understand is that one has to set a limit on the use of technological devices. Exceeding the limit or overdoing anything can have harmful results.



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