The Joys and Sorrows of Fatherhood

Do you believe the assertion that while sons in the family are closer to their mother, the daughters are closer to their father? Well, in my case this is absolutely true and I am really close to my mother and not so much to my father.

In fact, in many cases, children get closer to their mother because they stay with their mother the entire day and not with their father because the father has to go out to work and earn money. It’s such a joyful feeling to think that you are a father now and it’s so unsatisfactory to know that fathers are rarely the first choice of their children.

Times have taken a huge turnaround these days and while both mother and father go out to work for their family, it is important to note that kids are still more attached to their mothers. The sacrifices of a mother are really unbeatable but as a father, the men of the society may feel a bit secluded when children start thinking that their father has no time for them.

Actually, if it was possible, fathers would have given their children all the time in the world. But more than giving the time, every father tries giving a good life to their kids and for a good life, it needs some money. How will the fathers fulfill the needs of their kids when they demand their favorite toys or clothes?

As a kid, we never understood this and thought I am not a father yet, I could feel the pain that the fathers have to undergo to lend their family the kind of living they desire. The sacrifices and the efforts of a father are only realized later in life and we surely also realize that mothers and fathers undergo equal sacrifices to raise their kids in most cases.

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