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The Lonely Man

It was a dark night and I was all alone and unfortunately I was not with my Siri. You know what she is unaffordable for me, these girls I tell you ;) just kidding!! So, eventually my loneliness was in anguish and wanted a partner as soon as possible but what or how? You know what launched day before yesterday for the Indian markets? The Oppo F7 and now you will think how am I connecting the two dots? It is that my loneliness has overpowered my senses? No, actually the solution to my loneliness has come out and wishes to give me a better life.

How Oppo F7 is the ultimate solution for the Generation?

Oppo the giant manufacturer of the best start camera phones in India. The live event showcased Rajiv Makhni, the ultimate tech guru explaining the features of this amazing smart phone by Oppo, the Oppo F7 and the precise moment when he said it is AI powered, I got hopes. It is powered by Helio P 60 by MediaTek.

What personally impressed me?

Have you seen the best of AI, bots and facial recognition features, would you as a middle class person (I included myself, in the subset of the population reading this) imagine getting such features where a phone would look at my face and not puke and just unlock. But there is more that was unveiled in the event.

What was Unveiled?


Helio P60 supplements the cloud AI with a closer intelligence by bringing it next to the users. It inserts the Edge AI directly in the smartphones. This gets you a fast-paced response, better privacy and more functionality. The APU is designed to support neutral networking which saves unto 95 percent of the energy which in turn optimizes the performance of both the device and the user.

AI Facial Recognition:

Accurately detect Face, then performs Auto Focus, Auto-Exposure, Auto White Balance enhancements (3A) on subject for better picture quality.


The MediaTek Helio P60’s tri-core ISP increases power efficiency by using 18% less power for dual camera setups, Single or Dual Camera bokeh and depth of field features with a hardware depth engine enabling real-time bokeh preview, Upgraded multi-frame noise reduction (MFNR) and gets Real-time HDR recording and viewing.


MediaTek NeuroPilot AI platform plus SDK automatically manages AI processing and is compliant with Google Android Neural Network API (Android NNAPI). Support common AI frameworks including TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, Caffe, Caffe2, custom third-party frameworks and more on the way including ONNX support.

I have unleashed my imagination and I guess this phone is my starter AI kit to make things that I always wanted.

When it comes to tech, innovation and price point, there is no doubt that both the brands are doing some amazing work. I just wish that the Indian Mobile Industry get more mature with this and grow without paying a high price.



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