The Unheard Story of Gangster Vikas Dubey

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJul 11, 2020

So if you are an Indian, you would already know that the famous gangster Vikas Dubey from Kanpur was killed by Police in an encounter and yet another gangster leaves for his heavenly abode.

And if you have no idea about all this, let me tell you. In India, there is a state known as Uttar Pradesh. Well, the state is known for its World Famous Taj Mahal, for politics, for one of the oldest cities Varanasi, for the Nawabs, and lots of other things besides crime. As per people, the state tops the list of top crime-infested states and a gangster like Vikas Dubey emerging from one of its Industrial cities, Kanpur should not be a surprise. BTW, Kanpur is the largest industrial city in Uttar Pradesh and is known for its leather industries.

And this gangster Vikas has been active in crime since 1990, but was killed only lately. With the support from the politicians, though Vikas was booked under a lot of criminal offenses, but he hardly had to suffer exile for any of the crimes he did. Killing people mercilessly was one of the major activities in his schedule.

This incident happened when Vikas had to appear in the police station for a crime but he didn’t. So a team of cops was sent to arrest him. However, some of the policemen were also working for the Vikas and they informed him about his oncoming arrest. And what followed it was the worst.

Vikas Dubey hired shooters and was ready to welcome the cops with death. As soon as they reached his place, he blocked the police vans with his crane and started firing at them. In the process, 8 policemen were killed and Vikas Dubey fled from the area.

Search operations were carried out and in spite of tight security checks, Vikas reached Faridabad in Haryana and then Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. He was caught at Ujjain when he surrendered himself and while being brought back to Kanpur, the police van carrying him tumbled. Vikas snatched the pistol of a cop and tried to run. The police followed him and in the process to save themselves, the police had to kill Vikas Dubey on the spot.

Looks like a story from an Indian masala movie? Well, this is what was told by police and I think whatever happened with the gangster was good enough. He could have killed more people had he remained in jail or bailed out. The Indian judiciary is not very good in punishing the criminals because the lawyers are so unemployed that even criminals can get good lawyers in India.



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