The Worst Parts About Growing Up…

Abhishek Kumar
4 min readNov 4, 2022


These days, the internet is filled with posts that would make you remember your childhood and these would bring all the nostalgic feels. And there are some posts that tell about incidents in between which we grew up.

However, we certainly remember incidents in our life while growing up. And after a certain period, we hardly remember things that formed our life. So here are a few things that do not go well as we grow up;

  • Literally, the worst part about growing up is seeing your parents grow old. You may or may not live with your parents, but you might see them at least a few times a year and what makes growing people sad is seeing their parents losing their strength and vigor because of time. So while you are growing up, do take care that your parents too need you in the later years of their life. Once you are big enough to earn your living, you might not call or see your parents too often. But do remember that they keep waiting for you, even when you live with them and get back home late from your work.
  • As people grow up, the importance of money increases to a great extent in their life and the worst part is, for some people, money becomes everything they want. Yes, money is very important in life but it’s not everything in life and if you consider it above everything, you have definitely lost yourself in the race to succeed. People gather money to live a lavish life and when they get this money, they try to gather more money. However, do you think you can collect enough money? Well, no amount of money is enough money and if you are not satisfied despite having the best in the world, literally nothing can satisfy you.
  • One of the terrible things about growing up is your body losing its strength and energy. There were times when you could literally run miles on the football ground and still do well. And now there are times when people do not even wish to walk a few steps because they are too lazy. The outburst of online cabs etc. and enough money in the pockets of people force them to spend on things that could be managed without spending. And people hardly wish to get up early and exercise their bodies. So losing energy and strength and vitality is quite common as people grow up.
  • Can you count the number of friends you lost while you grew up? Well, losing people in your life is a part of growing up and while some people accept this coolly, others do not find it a good aspect. There is a very common phrase that agitates people at workplaces and this says, “we are friendly, but we are not friends”. People which you meet every single day could be friendly to you but they are not actually your friends and honestly, you will realize this while growing up.
  • One of the worst things about growing up is people getting pretentious and turning show-offs. As kids, there was hardly any competition between people who were living close together. However, when the same people grew up, they started showing off their costly clothes, their mobile phones, their plush homes, and everything that would portray them as “rich”. Social statuses have turned everything for people this is why people spend a lot, pretending to be someone that they actually are not. However, when these people arrive in a group, they get to know their real status.
  • During childhood, we all loved the food that was displayed on counters in shops. And we also liked things that came in front of our eyes, printed tastefully on brochures. However, That was the time when we did not know the harmful effects of such foods, and despite being stopped by our parents, we consume those foods so much. However, while growing up, we knew why our parents stopped us from consuming such foods and we still do not wish to stop our kids from consuming such foods because we are too lazy to cook at home. We have turned so selfish that we harm our bodies and we teach nothing to our kids. Worse than the worst!!!

Well, there is a lot to write and inform but I would put my pen down after this. You can think about these points and come up with your suggestions and feedback on these in the comment section.



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