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This Chip really Changes Everything?

This Chip Changes Everything uncovers how MediaTek opens us up to new bits of knowledge and more important encounters that improve life. The crusade makes a more grounded showcase position for MediaTek items and developments, which organizes the estimation of reasonable, exceptionally proficient brilliant gadgets that advantage and increase the value of our lives.

MediaTek is becoming a giant after the launch of their 4 products

1. Helio P 60

2. Helio P 22

3. Sensio

4. Dual VoLTE 4G

What they aim?

The human Connection

• Connecting billions to the world around them

• Enhancing&Enrichingeveryone’s life

• Enabling people to expand their horizon

• Anyone can achieve something amazing

• Changing lives

• Changing the world

• Making a difference

• Hundredsof billion of connections daily(human, data, entertainment and machineto machine)

Their identity

The business practicality



1.5B devices enabled annually

75% chance we area ready in your life

MediaTek is the biggest portable chipmaker in Taiwan. Its chips control gadgets from any semblance of Lenovo, Sharp and Acer, and additionally Chinese monsters like ZTE and Huawei. It created about $3 billion in income a year ago offering chipsets for somewhere in the range of 500 million telephones, effectively overshadowing Samsung, HTC and Apple in complete volume. However few know who MediaTek is.

“We are,” says Finbarr Moynihan, who runs new business for MediaTek, “one of those best-kept insider facts.”

That will soon change, on the grounds that MediaTek needs to essentially revamp the worldwide telephone business.

So, yes you can say that this chip is changing everything.




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