Top 5 Rules to Be Financially Stable

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readMay 6, 2021


Do you think getting more money than you currently earn would make you financially stable? Sorry to say but even when you get all the money in the world, you cannot guarantee financial stability because to have financial stability, you need to learn how to tame money, instead of how to earn money.

So here I have brought the top 5 rules that can really help you gain financial stability, no matter how much you earn:

RULE 1: Save More Than You Spend

Spending money is the easiest job to do in the world and saving it is one of the toughest jobs. If you have the habit of spending money unnecessarily, you would never be able to achieve that financial stability. So, the first rule of thumb should be to save money and save it more than you spend. Treating yourself and your friends is not bad, but at the cost of saving money — A BIG NO.

RULE 2: Prefer Home-Cooked Food

Picking up your favorite and the most delicious eatables from the most celebrated food joints might sound easy, but not only it hurts your financial stability, but it also deteriorates your health. So, the second rule in order to achieve financial stability is to bring raw materials at home and cook the best food you like. It would keep your body and your financial condition healthy.

RULE 3: Avoid Lending Money & Collect Soon, If You Lend

Helping others by lending them money might seem charitable, but if you do not trust people with your money, do not be too benevolent. Lend money only to the most trusted people and do not forget collecting it soon, if they forget it within the stipulated date.

RULE 4: Live by Your Needs

Most people would spend a lot of money in making themselves look better and decorating their house etc. in the latest fashion. Well, these are the things that eat up a lot of money and if you prefer simple living, buying only the things that you need the most, you can save a lot of your money to be financially stable.

RULE 5: Only Prefer Hard-Earned Money

This might sound too philosophical but is one of the proven facts. If you earn money by unfair means, it will get spent in handling some unfair circumstances. And it’s only the hard-earned money that makes you financially stable. When it takes your labor, you would think twice before spending it.

These are some important rules to follow, in order to be financially stable. Do tell your views about these.



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