Travel : More for you than for others.

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If you ask any average person, what they enjoy doing or partaking in — almost everyone (except for a fraction of the populace) will say something related to travel. Travelling is increasingly becoming a sought after activity. People are actively looking for professions which require them to travel extensively. Travel bloggers are increasing in numbers as numerous people are opting for that to quench a duel thirst of travel and finance.

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I however feel that nowadays people tend to travel more in order to be able to show it off or make their social media seem more versatile in the travelling aspect. They seemingly travel to take photos instead of actually enjoying and indulging in the culture of the place they are visiting. I am not saying that travellers should not take photos — off course they should — photos are our digital walk through memory lane, but it should not be the sole purpose of the journey one is undertaking.

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Travelling has proven to be a great activity that increases one’s productivity along with the ability to experience different cultures and people alike. There has been many instances where I have been able to make lasting friendships with people that I met while travelling and this goes a long way in providing a valued and varied perspective in life.

In this age, when we are all working and trying to survive, travelling is a needed respite. It is encouraged — it is needed and it has been proven that people tend to become more productive in their work after they went away for some time.

But travel for yourself. For your passion — to feel and connect with the world that you live in. Dont travel for the sake of being able to portray or maintain a particular image in front of others.

I have always been a fan of travelling to areas which are not mainstream. I love staying in hostels as opposed to hotels because the former allows a better opportunity of making friends than the latter. Interacting with the locals is a favorite part of my travels — I have been able to learn first hand about a lot of things from people who have been grown up in those areas.

Travel. Make time for your travels. Travel to places that interest you — to cultures that intrigues you. But always do so for yourself.

Document your travels for memory but don’t lose the opportunity to be present in the moment during your travels.

P.S. I will be writing about my own personal travel experiences in future blogs.

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