Unsaid and Unwritten Rules of Marital Life

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readMay 14, 2021

Some people believe that you get settled in life after getting married. However, the real life of a person starts only after getting married and this is when the person actually becomes responsible. Well, as easy and fun as it sounds to be, marriage is not all that easy.

In fact, the astounding number of divorces and the increase in the number every single day is a proof that marriage tests a person inside-out. And to make it just a little bit easier, here are some of the important rules to follow in your marital life:

· Yes, it is really important to be close enough and share all your secrets with your partner, but there are some things not worth telling even to your life partner. And you need to keep it a secret with your husband/wife unless it is really important.

· Giving your life partner a little bit of their personal space is very important. In such a case, it is also imperative to believe in them and that they would not make any wrong use of the space or freedom you offer. Getting calls from any person on earth every 10 minutes can irritate even the saints. So give your life partner their due space and allow them to breathe.

· When you get space and freedom from your life partner, it is like they handed you, their trust. And it is essential to not offer them any chance that breaks their trust. Also, if this freedom from your life partner is leading to some misunderstanding between you, you should be sensible enough to avoid the freedom as well.

· Almost as essential as taking food for your life is saying sorry when you make a mistake. Remember, it takes a very small cause to end a married life, but it takes a lot of effort to save your marriage. And if just a simple word can save your relationship, you should better say it soon.

· More than what others say about your life partner, you should believe in what your life-partner has to say in the matter. People will plant a doubt about your life-partner in your brain but instead of believing these people, get the clarification from your partner.

These are some of the important rules that you really need to follow in your married life. These are never said by people and never mentioned in any scriptures. But they are as important as “U” is after “Q”.



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