Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality to Smartphone Reality

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readApr 22, 2019

Since the beginning of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps, both the technologies have redefined almost every sector be it IT, healthcare, entertainment, or defence. Virtual and Augmented Reality apps have worked as for laying the first step into a future, which is more like a grand adventure.

A few Hollywood movies like Star Wars, Star Trek (1966), Total Recall (1990), and Minority Report (2002) gave us a sneak peek of the possible future technologies to the viewers and the world. Therefore, creating them question themselves whether it is feasible to have all these technologies in our hands or not.

Since the constant innovations by the humans and rise of the technologies as long as the calculator to the smartphones, all these questions started getting answers. With the initial release of the Virtual Reality Vive in 2016 by the Valve Corporation and the PlayStation VR for gaming, it completely started to change the game.

The base of VR technology was laid back in the 1960s. It saw many extreme changes but eventually in the opening development phase as a commercial headset later in 2010. Ultimately showcased by the Valve Corporation in 2014 heading for a business tie-up with HTC and the rest is history.

The latest VR technology utilises the multiple-projected environments and handset merged with props and environments to create realistic audio and visual effect, also the other sensations. Simulations process which simulates a user’s physical presence in a complete imaginary or a virtual environment. It makes it viable for a person to look around in the artificial world and also communicate with the features.

The markets for Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps have started to grow with such applications which have the capabilities to take the world by storm. Mobile applications like Snapchat and Ikea are taking the full benefits of the rising processing powers being delivered by the present-day smartphones to offer people to take a look at the augmented version of the real world.

With more possibilities opening with each development, the world is already moving into a future which really looks like it will be augmented and totally Virtual Reality based.



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