What Happens When You Do Not Eat For a Day

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJan 20, 2022

What is the major reason why human beings have to get up every single day and start working? For their kids — No, people who do not have kids work too. For money — Sort of, but money alone cannot solve their needs of life.

Well, what makes human beings get up every single day is the fire in their stomach and this can make people do anything in the world. You may not be able to earn money, but if you are able to earn food, you can survive in the world.

But what would happen if you do not consume even a single morsel of food for one complete day and live only on water (no juices, sodas, or anything like that)? Have you ever tried doing this?

Well, if you are free for a day and have absolutely no work, you can try this out and see the difference. You eat lots of different kinds of things every single day. Some are healthy, some are not. Some are for nourishment, others are for taste. However, what would happen when you put your teeth and tongue to rest for a day?

This is not a game that I am suggesting you to play. In fact, this fasting method is really good to clean your body from the inside when you put almost all your organs in the digestive system for a rest one day and consume only water.

When you drink only water, your body would need no energy to digest it and even your internal organs would also get a cleanse so that you feel an inner refreshment. And not eating just for a single day would not hard your body in any way. Do not think that you would go deficit of major nutrients or minerals in the body. No, your body stores enough energy so that even if you work hard on the day you do not eat anything, you would feel nothing different.

So try it out and resist eating for one entire day. You will definitely feel better and happier.



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