What If Every Person on Earth Goes Vegetarian (Vegan)?

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJul 2, 2021

Have you ever tried to search something like, “How many animals get killed every single day to serve food on plates of the people?” Well, you would have hardly done something this crazy, but have you ever thought about what would happen if we stopped killing and eating these animals? What if everyone goes on a vegetarian diet and this killing and eating animals was not even a concept?

Well, let me tell you that going vegan is much healthier for the body, but not everybody on this earth could ever go vegan because of issues such as:

· It would need so much more vegan food for countries where people mostly thrive on meat products. With the contracting farmlands and increasing industrial areas, getting such huge amount of vegan food would not have been this easy presently.

· Some countries in the world do not really have farmlands and they need to import vegan food products from other nations. Well, no other nation would have agreed to share their food with others, no matter how much they grow it, because they would need it to support their population.

· The animals that serve majorly as food would see an extensive increase in their population. Of course, there are industries where these animals are bred for this specific purpose, but even in lack of these, there would have still been enough animals to graze all the grasslands and plants in a very short period of time, attacking human food as well.

· Some food joints like KFC who mainly thrive on non-veg food would have never existed in first place, and if this change came later, they would have been permanently closed.

And besides these, there would have been so many other problems that would have influenced the people. So everyone going vegan with an increasing population is never a good idea and the kind of havoc it can wreak on earth is simply unimaginable.



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