What Makes a Man More Handsome?

Abhishek Kumar
3 min readDec 22, 2022

Do looks matter?

Yes, they do. People these days judge you on the basis of your looks and form an impression about you even before you speak a word. And even though they might have to change their opinion while the others utter absolutely gibberish, they would still judge people on the basis of their looks.

Now talking particularly about the less-attractive gender — the males, HANDSOME is the word that is normally used to describe a really good-looking male. People may use other words like cute, smart, stud, sexy, and alpha for males who look good and behave too male-like, but the feeling that the word “Handsome” has is something different.

But how would you define a handsome male? Generally, people consider males handsome if they look good by their face and/or have a chiseled body with bulging muscles from the required corners and/or males who dress up really well as per their age and/or make that carry themselves quite well regardless of how they look.

The definition of handsome man differs in every dictionary and no matter what, most of these definitions revolve around males looking good. But has any definition ever talked about handsome males being handsome if they are good at heart?

Well, no one talks about this and this is something that needs more attention in the current society. A man with a handsome body and muscles and good face and good dress and everything else would surely get attention if he walks down the street. However, a man who does good deeds would be noticed by the entire world, even when the person is not so good in terms of looks.

Yes, good looks fade away with time. No matter how much you try to preserve your looks, time and age will take away everything from you. Your good face would be blemished, your good body shape will run out of shape in some time, and your good clothes would somehow look not so good with time. However, your good heart will stay forever.

And even when a man with a handsome heart dies, the good heart is remembered for a long period of time. This is the effect of a handsome heart. A handsome body will definitely attract people till the body stays but the handsome heart will have a long-lasting effect.

Now some people reading this might say that why is it applicable only to males. Why not talk about ladies having beautiful hearts? Well, being beautiful or handsome by heart is applicable to every human being but this time, let’s talk only about males and what they can do.

So even if you are the best-looking male around, helping people, being kind, being honest, being ethical, and being virtuous will make you much more handsome. Even if you do not have good looks, try to wear good clothes (good clothes do not mean expensive clothes), keep yourself clean and hygienic, and make sure you meet and greet people well.

Being handsome by looks will surely fade away with time. Even the best-looking males do not look so good to people when they meet them every single day. However, even not-so-good-looking males will stay good forever if they have a handsome heart.

That beauty of heart defies every other beauty in the world and looks can surely be deceptive.



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