What’s a Full Circle in Life?

Abhishek Kumar
4 min readNov 24, 2022

What happens when you move in a circle? You start moving from a point and then, at some point in time, you reach that circle again. This is how things work in a circle. This is how things work in human life. Some people call it Karma, some call it the result of the work you do initially and many others would call it completing a full circle in life.

Have you ever experienced a moment where you realized someone did wrong to you and the very next moment, you realize that you did something similar to someone else or the same person some time back? This is what is known as a full circle. You reap as you sow.

So here I have gathered some really good examples from the personal life of people which denote that every human being completes a full circle in their life, regardless of what they have done:

  • One of the most common examples is the way you treat your parents when you are young and your parents are old. Just remember that your kids are taking lessons only from you and if you are not treating your parents nicely in their old age, you cannot expect your kids to treat you nicely when you are old. In other words, if you buy a wooden bowl for your parents to eat their food while they are old, be prepared to use that wooden bowl to eat when you reach the age of your parents, Life always comes in full circle.
  • Similarly, as a parent, if you are busy partying and living your life freely, not caring about your kids and the time they want, do not expect your kids to offer you time when you are old. Most parents and kids these days get separated because of technology and most communications take place on Whatsapp or social media applications. Well, you are not offering your kids the time they need from their parents and expect them to learn the same and not offer you time when you need them. Life always comes in a full circle.
  • Somehow, karma acts the worst when there is something about money. If you are earning money and earning it in an illegitimate manner, you can expect to suffer the worst because the money that is not earned in a good way can make you suffer in the worst ways. There have been people who have some bad and hidden sources of income and this income has made them and their loved ones suffer. You would never wish to end up paying hospital bills for yourself and your loved ones with the money you earn in a bad way. But it’s life and life always comes in a full circle.
  • How protective do you think the mothers could be for the kids? Well, mothers can fight the death to protect their kids from anything harmful. However, when parents become overprotective and tend to hide even the faults of kids that should not be overlooked, these parents tend to raise criminals rather than kids. You should protect your kids but make sure you are not hiding the flaws that should be corrected. If your children did anything wrong with someone, do not take their side. Ask them to apologize and punish them if it is really necessary. It should be a lesson that doing wrong with anyone will eventually be wrong to the doer. And if you are way too protective about your kids, there have been cases where kids turned out to be criminals and killed their parents as well. Life always comes in a full circle
  • While it’s important not to do anything wrong, it is also important to not bear anything wrong from anyone. If you know you are right about something and people are still trying to force you or press you down, stand firmly and make people realize their fault. If you keep allowing people to push you every time, you will lose your identity. So it is important to push people back whenever you think you are pushed a bit too much. Life always comes in a full circle.

So these few examples will surely offer you some thought about how things work in life. We all are a part of a circle and as you go about in the circle, you would find conditions similar to what you did. And it’s not always bad that you get.

In fact, if in your circle, you keep doing good with people, you can expect to find much better in the complete circle and you would have experienced that already.



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