Whether or Not to Wash Your Intimate Parts After Urination

There has been a constant debate over the topic and the world seems divided over this. According to many religious scriptures in many religions, washing (or at least cleaning) your private parts after urinating is a must and should be followed by everyone.

But according to some other people, since they shower daily, there is no need to wash their intimate parts after every round of urination. By now, it’s all according to what you think, but I believe there is no alternative to the best sanitation.

Not because of religious scriptures but your private parts should be cleaned after urination because a few particles that stay on these parts can attract germs and can give rise to urinary infections which are utterly painful. Therefore, it is better to have a clean body in every aspect.

But the other part of the debate is the lifestyle of the people these days. Most often, they stay in their workplace where men use public urinals and cannot think of washing their private at such places. What is the solution to this?

I think if you are not able to wash your intimate areas every time you urinate, you should do it once every night before you go to sleep with some good intimate washing solution. This would ensure that your intimate areas remain clean and no germs act on your body while you are sleeping. And again, doing it even in the morning while you take a bath is also helpful, but since you spend the entire day not washing the parts and there is a fear of germs, doing it at night is a good solution.

So this should settle our debate about whether or not to wash your intimate areas. Do it once a day but at the right period and do it securely. Happy cleaning.

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