Which is Better between Xiaomi and Realme?

I intentionally did not write smartphones because both Xiaomi and Realme are not limited to just smartphones these days. Times have changed and tables have taken a huge turn. The brands which were quite new just a couple of years ago are now the most popular ones in India and they are a part of almost every segment, not just gadgets and electronics.

You would hear about Xiaomi and Realme smartphones and how both of them stand against each other as business rivals. However, they are not just limited to the smartphone market. In fact, both these brands now produce smart TVs, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, smart wireless devices, and many other such objects. While Xiaomi is a bigger player in the segment with an upper hand in lots of devices, Realme is slowly catching up.

However, which one among these do you think is a better brand?

If you look at the market in India, Xiaomi is the major player in the smartphone and the smart TV market. Xiaomi has been the largest selling smartphone brand for the last couple of years and now it is delivering well in the TV segment. People have forgotten all about Chinese brands and they prefer Xiaomi TVs to even Samsung and Sony TVs.

And following the trails, Realme has also brought a lot of smart TVs in the market at a slightly lesser cost to lure the audience. And since I have experienced both these brands in terms of TVs and smartphones, I cannot say that one of them has an upper hand. It’s because both the brands deliver really good quality and have some amazing features.

So even when you think that Xiaomi is the major player in the market, I think the tables can turn really quickly in the scenario. Most importantly, these brands have choked the chances of some of the biggest gadget manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and LG in India. Which one do you think is the better brand between the two of them?

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