Why is MediaTek Better Than Snapdragon?

Abhishek Kumar
4 min readOct 8, 2021

A lot of people these days have questions like “Why is MediaTek better than Snapdragon?”, after beholding the popularity of MediaTek chipsets. If you too are one of them, let me tell you that MediaTek chipsets have the highest market share, as of now, as far as smartphones across the world are concerned.

And MediaTek chipsets would perhaps have some good qualities due to which they defeated a giant like Qualcomm Snapdragon in the smartphone market. So here, let us discuss some of the major reasons why MediaTek is better than Snapdragon in the current scenario and I am sure you would be convinced by my reasons:

MediaTek Chipsets Make Smartphones More Affordable

And not just smartphones, almost every gadget.

When you compare similar smartphones with a MediaTek chipset and the one with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, what do you see in terms of the price difference?

Personally, when keeping similar specifications in two smartphones with just the difference in their chipsets, the one with the MediaTek chipset was found to be much more affordable.

This brings us to a very important question, “Is MediaTek processor good for the long term?” that people generally have. And to answer this question, I would ask you to use MediaTek-powered smartphones once. You would yourself know the reasons why MediaTek has the highest, 43% market share across the world in terms of smartphones powered.

MediaTek chipsets come with open-resource architecture

Earlier, when people had questions like, “Why is Mediatek Bad?”, many people had a response like MediaTek chipsets do not reveal the source code for the chipsets.

However, these are a thing of the past these days and even MediaTek has unveiled the open resource architecture for most of its 4G gaming chipsets and all of its MediaTek Dimensity 5G series chipsets.

So now, if you wish to flash a custom ROM in your smartphone or perform any kind of operations using the source code, this is absolutely possible.

So no more questions like, “Why is MediaTek bad?” because MediaTek has turned really good.

You could Already be using MediaTek

MediaTek is the 4th largest fabless semiconductor manufacturer in the world and MediaTek powers over 2 billion devices in a year.

And this is a whopping number because these devices not only include smartphones but products like smart TV, smart speakers, tablets, laptops, smart microwaves and ovens, smart lighting solutions, smart vehicles, smart homes, smart air conditioners, smartwatches, wi-fi routers, smart earphones, and several other such smart devices.

Do you check all the specifications of all the gadgets that you buy/ Not really!

And it is very possible that some of the smart devices in your home could already be using MediaTek chipsets because all the Amazon Echo smart speakers use MediaTek, almost 70 percent of smart and digital TVs use MediaTek and it could be a part of your smartwatch or tablet as well.

Heating and Low-Durability Are Myths

Earlier, when people used to have questions relating to the problems with MediaTek processors, the others used to tell about the heating issues and the low durability of the smartphones due to these issues.

True, these were an issue some time ago, but MediaTek has resolved all such issues and nowadays, you would find only normal heating in most of the new MediaTek chipset.

Against this, some of the newest Snapdragon chipsets like Snapdragon 888, which is considered a flagship, heat terribly.

MediaTek Chipsets Offer Better Gaming Support

This has already been proven by the techies that if you play games on smartphones having MediaTek and Snapdragon chipsets of the same capability, the MediaTek processors tend to offer better performance.

And this has been my personal experience as well.

MediaTek devised a series of its own gaming chipset with a powerful gaming enhancement known as MediaTek HyperEngine technology that ensures the best gaming experience even in budget devices.

This is the major reason why MediaTek enjoys an almost monopoly in the budget segment and is doing well in the mid-range and flagship segment as well.

So for your question, Why is MediaTek better than Snapdragon, I think these are enough reasons to believe that MediaTek is doing much better than Snapdragon in the market.

People believe in something only when it offers them the results and the results of the market share show the exact truth.



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