Will Pampering Your Kids Spoil Them for Future

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readOct 7, 2021

The literal meaning of pampering a person is to offer them all that they want in their life and making them utterly comfortable. However, when it comes to pampering the kids, this comfort touches all-new levels because parents can hardly see their kids crying for something.

And in the process of offering all that the kids demand, sometimes parents go way over the line and spoil their kids. Is it something that you have faced as well?

Do you too believe that if you had controlled your kids in the past, they would have been better in the present and in the future? Well, this upbringing will definitely be a huge factor in how your kids behave when they grow up.

This one of my notes is especially for new parents or couples who are about to be parents in the near future. Small kids would definitely demand a lot of care and attention and you ought to pamper them. You ought to offer them every comfort that they need in their life.

However, as soon as these toddlers start understanding a few things like the urge to pee or the sense to meet and greet people, it’s then that the parents need to start controlling their kids and treating them with respect, rather than pampering them.

In such a case, fulfilling every wish of your child, offering them all that they demand from a shop, offering them their favorite fast food every time they demand, and teaching them show-off as you do, would prove very costly for you in the future.

And it’s not about money which they would spend. Sometimes, such kids spend money in the wrong places and parents are too busy to care about this. So you need to talk to your kids, make them understand that all that they demand cannot be fulfilled. You do not need to be a strict parent completely, but being strict when your kids’ demands are unreasonable would definitely help you get them a good future.

So pampering of the kids should take place only at a certain limit and as soon as your kids start to understand the world, probably around 3 years of age, it’s then that you need to start teaching them discipline as well.



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