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Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

I think I have become obsessed with robots these days. As you must have noticed that in the past I have written a lot about different kind of robots. As I have continued to research about them, the one thing that has taken me by surprise is that how we unconsciously attach humanly attachments to robots. I personally love the cute little robots and for this week I bring to you the cutest child robot called Wonder Workshop Dash Robot.

I find this robot so cool, I mean just look at it! It has also

bagged the “Best Toy Award.” It has been primarily designed to making coding easier i.e. taking out the frustrating task of building and programming a robot.

It fundamentally acts as a sidekick, pet, or pal in the world created by your child using easy-to-learn code on an iPad.

It has sensors and capabilities that allows it to move, dance,

make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to voices.

The best part is that it runs using the onboard battery, which can be charged using a standard micro USB cable. It means that you won’t need to buy new batteries every now and then and use the robot as just another Android smartphone or tablet.

In addition, Dash can be programmed to follow a racetrack, dance, light up, joust or play all kinds of other games. In this process kids will unlock new abilities i.e. the more programming quests they create, using a reward system to keep them motivated and engaged.

All in all, Dash works with all of Wonder Workshops’ free apps for iOS or Android.Go and Path appeal to all ages. For children 8 and up, Blockly and Wonder offer fun challenge tutorials that teach them programming at the same time they have lots of fun.

I find Dash as the cutest robot. Which one is yours? Comment below…





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