Working Parents and Child’s Growth

Gone are the days when people used to live in joint families. Nowadays, every single individual wishes to live in a nuclear family wishes to work 5 days a week, party for 2 days on a weekend, and go on a foreign trip once or twice a year. This is the dream life of many individuals and for this luxury, they need to work their ass off.

No doubt, when living in a nuclear family, they need a lot of money to fulfill their luxurious needs. The children need to go to an affluent school and they need all the good things in life. And to fulfill all these needs, both the parents need to work hard. And who stays with the kids when parents are not at home?

In a nuclear family where no grandparents or uncles or aunts are available, either the children need to stay at home all alone or the parents arrange for some help to watch their kids while they are not at home. In fact, many parents admit their kids to a day boarding school just because they are not free to watch their kids after normal school hours.

And when the family meets in the evening for dinner etc., either all of them are busy in their own virtual, the smartphone world or the parents are busy on calls and work from their workplace, which they brought home. There is help for everything, including cooking food and maintaining the house, but there is no help that can keep the relationship between the parents and the kids intact.

No doubt, the physical and the mental growth of the children get affected in the aspect and later when children commit some mistake by viewing people in the virtual works, people scold their kids for not knowing how to behave. Well, if only the parents have time to talk to their kids, they would know it well, as far as the behavior is concerned.

In the process of providing all the luxuries of life, the parents are not able to provide the priceless element to their kids, which is their time. If you want your kids to do well in their life, you need to stay away from your smartphone in your free time and spend time with the kids.

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