Worst Thing About Being a Male

“He is a Man, He Must Have ENJOYED it.”, “How Can a Man be ever SEXUALLY EXPLOITED?”, “You Must be Joking, A Man Can Never Feel Bad About PHYSICAL RELATIONS.” Do you often hear these things when a male lodges a complaint about being physically exploited?

Well, we live in a society where we talk about equal rights for men and women and it’s really important as well. However, in the present situation, the male section of the society feels governed by the rules and regulations more and this is why when a male files a complaint about being sexually exploited by a woman or women without his wishes, he is completely ignored.

People are of the view that males are always ready to pounce on females, and they are looking for chances to catch some chicks, go for a fling and forget all about it. They also think that males are always ready to have physical relationships but are never ready to take responsibility for a family.

But is it really true? What do you think? Well, just as good and bad people exist on earth, good and not-so-good men and women too exist. You would agree that if men desire physical relationships, women too do not stay back in responding. However, many men on earth like to be faithful to their partners, they do not love just any casual sex partner they find on road and it can really hurt their sentiments if they are physically exploited.

So the worst thing about being a male is that hardly ever people believe you when you tell them about how you were forced to enter into a physical relationship by a person, and you were really helpless to prevent it.

While the men are entitled to file complaints in the matter, most of them do not do it because they are too ashamed to do so. They think that firstly, the world would never believe them and secondly, they would make fun of them, even the cops.

However, when we talk about equal rights for both men and women in society, it is important that both men and women should be offered attention when they register complaints about sexual harassment. What do you say?