Worst Truths About Money (And People)

What amount of money do you think is Enough Money? Well, even if you own all the money that ever existed and exists, you would never say that it is enough because money is the thing that the less the people have, the more they want it. And the more they have it, the more they want it.

So there is hardly any limit to the amount of money that people wish to have.

But do you know that Money can be one of the most determining factors in the kind of life you lead and the way you behave? Here are some important truths about money and its influence on people:

  • Most people on earth believe that money is everything in their life. Without money, there would be no life. Well, you may be entitled to your opinion but it is also important to understand that money is not THE most important thing in life. Imagine having only money and nothing at all apart from it. Would you be able to survive? Who remembers King Midas — The one with the golden touch?
  • The attitude of people would be good towards you when they know you have a lot of money and the same people would not even look at you when they know you are devoid of money. This is a hard truth of life.
  • Money can buy all sorts of comforts in the world and it can make you comfortable to an extent that you would not even need to move an inch from your place for anything in life. However, you would still need to chew your food, and your body would need to digest it. If you do not move even an inch from your place, would you be able to survive?
  • They say that the character of a man can be judged when he has everything in life and the character of a woman can be judged when her man has nothing in life. This is a kind of old saying, somewhat sexist, but is quite true.

These are some important worldly truths about money and its relationship with the people. Do remember that money matters a lot, but not that enough to forget about everything else in the world.

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