Would People Kill Animals If They Could Talk Like Us?

Abhishek Kumar
2 min readJun 25, 2021

I recently read something that was very ironic and quite dreadful as well. Did you know that some animals on earth are still present from the time of the dinosaurs? Yes, these creatures survived even the most terrible natural disasters.

However, these creatures such as some breeds of sharks and alligators are at risk of extinction these days? Why? Because the creatures that fought against and survived the worst natural disasters could not fight the cruelty of human beings for their own selfish motives and gave up living. These innocent animals are just left in numbers that can be counted on fingers and it’s not long that they would be extinct.

Do you think if these animals could speak and understand our language or we could understand the language of these animals, we would have killed them still?

Perhaps, if animals and humans beings were able to understand each other, there would have been less killing, but there would have still been killing of the animals in huge numbers while animals would have spared the humans they kill.

Even if we could make the animals understand why they get killed, we would have still killed them because we get all the food products for them. All the meat that is derived from the animals would have been still obtained from the same source and perhaps the innocent animals would have understood that they are a part of human food chain as well, and just like a lion kills a deer, human beings kill several animals for food.

But what is really important to consider is that God made the lion in a manner that it can only eat the flesh of the other animals, but the most intelligent creatures on this earth are not under any such restriction and they can spare the animals to go vegan.

Also, many humans get killed by animals when animals and humans enter each others’ territory because animals suspect harm to them or their family from the humans. If we could explain to them that we mean no harm why they enter our territory or we enter theirs, I am sure animals would spare human beings. Perhaps animals would be much more benevolent but not us, the human beings — the most intelligent creatures on earth.



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