What is The Problem With MediaTek Processors?

Abhishek Kumar
6 min readDec 3, 2021

While I am making this as my headline, it’s not really my opinion. In fact, people these days are still asking questions like why is MediaTek bad or what is the problem with MediaTek processors, and we as bloggers have to satisfy them with appropriate answers.

But let’s try something new this time. Let me be a little sarcastic and answer this in my own way so that you can understand the problem with Mediatek processors well enough. You may feel that my views are nowhere corresponding to my headline, but as I said, the present generation finds it interesting when there is a bit of sarcasm involved.

So talking about the problems with MediaTek processors, here I have listed some of the problems that should definitely draw your attention.

Problem 1: MediaTek is the Largest Smartphone Chipset Manufacturer

About almost a year ago, there were reports that MediaTek overtook the American chipset giant Qualcomm in terms of the number of chipsets shipped across the world. The report says that MediaTek shipped 351.8 million smartphone chipsets in 2020 — an increase of 113.8 million over 2020.

And with this, in just about a year (November 2021), Rick Tsai, the CEO of MediaTek said that “We are now the largest smartphone SoC maker globally. We continue to gain share across all regions of the world.”

So MediaTek is official the world’s largest smartphone chipset manufacturer and supplier. And if this is said to be a problem, I think Mediatek processors are pretty good with the problems.

Problem 2: MediaTek Has the Highest Market Share Among Smartphones

Now, this is a problem that is attaining newer heights with passing time and the lead of MediaTek in terms of market share is growing further. As per reports in December 2020, MediaTek held a global market share of 27.2 percent, as compared to 17.2 percent in 2019.

But coming to September 2021, MediaTek widened the gap and attained a market share of a whopping 43% only in terms of smartphones. So the market of MediaTek is growing in huge numbers and perhaps, this is a sign of danger for other brands.

And if MediaTek chipsets had any problem in them, do you think the trust of people would have increased with time? The numbers are enough to answer the question.

Problem 3: MediaTek Got Over its Heating and “No-Architecture-Resource” Issues

I agree that there were some genuine problems with MediaTek chipsets about 5 years ago. Most of the MediaTek chipsets were obsessed with heating and MediaTek did not unveil the source code of the chipsets as well due to some reasons.

However, the problems that existed 5 years ago are no more applicable and MediaTek has made a considerable change in itself.

Yes, all the MediaTek 5G processors are 7nm or less in size and this less size with powerful cores eliminates the heating issues in the chipsets, no matter how demanding a gamer you tend to be.

Besides, MediaTek has also unveiled the resource architecture for all its Dimensity series chipsets, so you can make changes such as flashing a custom ROM quite easily without any issues.

So the problems that existed 5 years ago are not applicable in the current scenario and if you are rejecting MediaTek chipsets for those half-a-decade-ago issues, you are like a girl who would reject a boy that had this bad habit of smoking 5 years ago and has left it now. Do you wish to be that girl?

Problem 4: MediaTek Has Entered the Flagship Segment As Well

Continuing with the trend, the latest of the problems with the MediaTek chipsets is that they have entered the 5G flagship segment as well. While Qualcomm has an overall 55% market share in terms of 5G shipments in December 2020, this number decreased considerably with the launch of newer MediaTek Dimensity chipsets.

And now, MediaTek competes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipsets with its new MediaTek Dimensity 9000 flagship chipset that uses much better CPU cores than the Snapdragon chipset. And this is just the start of the rise of MediaTek chipsets in the flagship segment.

While the Snapdragon chipsets have received their due share of competition at the highest level as well, they may soon be dethroned from the flagship segment as well after budget and mid-range segment, where MediaTek ended the monopoly of Snapdragon a while ago.

Problem 5: MediaTek Processors are Inside All The Smart Gadgets

I have mentioned this problem with MediaTek chipsets in gadgets quite some times now and again, even this problem seems to be increasing with time.

The global tech giant Amazon uses MediaTek chipsets in almost all the smart products it manufactures and around 90 percent of the smart TVs across the world have MediaTek chipsets. In fact, you name a smart appliance or gadget and there are chances that it would have a Mediatek chipset in it.

So again, there is always a chance that you could already be using a Mediatek chipset in any digital product without knowing about it because MediaTek powers over 2 billion products in a single year.

So the problem with MediaTek processors is pretty obvious that it is growing in stature with time and this is a problem for those who are staunch fans of Qualcomm Snapdragon or any other brand.

Let me tell you that you should not be a fan of any brand these days and trust only the products they deliver. You would have an idea that Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor has immense heating issues but nobody points a finger on them because you tend to overlook the faults of those whom you follow blindly.

However, it’s time to use our senses and apply our brains before following someone. One of the richest people in the world, Mr. Jeff Bezos is serving MediaTek chipsets to us in literally all the gadgets we use from Amazon and there are no problems in them until we know that these are powered by MediaTek.

So on the bottom line, there are no problems with MediaTek processors and whatever problems existed, have been addressed and resolved by the brand a long back. But if you still opt to walk with closed eyes and trust the hand of the person you hold blindly, do not blame the Almighty for choosing to be blind when He gave you the eyes and the mind.



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