As a smartphone brand, Infinix has been trying to overshadow some of the biggest brands in the Indian smartphone market, and looks like it is turning out to be a bit successful as well.

The latest Infinix Hot 11 series launched by the brand is proof of this and the highest variant in the series, Infinix Hot 11s is a direct competition to Redmi 10 Prime which was just launched a couple of weeks back. The major similarity in the smartphones is the new MediaTek Helio G88 octa-core gaming processor that is clocked at 2GHz.

This processor was brought to…

Dear budget smartphone buyers, if you are looking for a new option to grace your pockets and hands, you can go for this Infinix Hot 11 smartphone that has just been launched in India and it comes with some really interesting specifications.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the major specifications of the Infinix Hot 11 smartphone that is about to go on sale very soon:

  • Infinix Hot 11 contains a 6.6-inch IPS LCD display with Full HD+ support and 1080p display resolution. It has 20:9 as the display aspect ratio and a 90.66% screen-to-body ratio.
  • The smartphone…

The word “scared” is something that can shake even the most powerful people in the world. And this has led to the discovery of the word “Phobia” which means fear of something. No matter how brave and strong a person tends to be, he or she would have some or the other fear in his or her mind and this has nothing to do with the body strength.

But a phobia is something different and getting scared of something out of no reason is totally distinct.

You would have seen a lot of people getting scared of rats and cockroaches…

Redmi 10 Prime has been launched in India and this smartphone is also available on the online as well as offline stores. You can say that this smartphone is the successor to Redmi 9 Prime that was launched previously and was termed as a major all-rounder in the segment.

Talking about Redmi 10 Prime, this is also a handsome smartphone with some really good features and here is a view of some of the major specifications of the device:

  • Redmi 10 Prime comes with a 6.5-inch IPS LCD display that has 90Hz display refresh rate. It has 1080p display resolution…

Samsung Galaxy M32 5G has been a pretty popular device in the mid-range segment and this one from the brand starts at 21k in India. Well, this is a big sum of money to invest in a smartphone, especially when you would have a lot of options at similar or lesser prices.

However, Samsung Galaxy M32 5G with Mediatek Dimensity 720 processor is still very popular in India due to two major reasons which are as follows:

Many People Avoid Chinese Devices:

Considering the huge number of Chinese smartphone brands you have, including Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and many…

The relationship between the USA and Japan is known worldwide. Japan never imports anything from America from the day America bombed the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, the cold war between the two of the most developed countries in the world ceased due to globalization and the commercial relations between the two nations are good enough.

The USA is quite intelligent to set up most of its manufacturing plants for the world-renowned products across the world in countries where the manufacturing cost is less and the labor does not demand any huge sum like that in America.

So you…

There has been a constant debate over the topic and the world seems divided over this. According to many religious scriptures in many religions, washing (or at least cleaning) your private parts after urinating is a must and should be followed by everyone.

But according to some other people, since they shower daily, there is no need to wash their intimate parts after every round of urination. By now, it’s all according to what you think, but I believe there is no alternative to the best sanitation.

Not because of religious scriptures but your private parts should be cleaned after…

First things first, this cleaning guide is not about the software or the applications in your smartphone.

Do you often clean the UI or the software in your smartphone? Well, cleaning the applications and junk in your smartphone is really essential for its smooth operation and to avoid unwanted space eaten up by the junk. However, this cleaning is about the exteriors of your smartphone. And this might feel strange but you need to clean the exterior hardware of your smartphone regularly.

You might have heard a lot that your smartphone is one of the dirtiest things that you handle…

Motorola Edge 20 Fusion is one of the strongest competitors in the mid-range segment and it has actually turned many eyes towards it with its powerful features. But while this smartphone is considered so good, do you think it can do well enough for gamers as well, especially for the hard-core ones?

Well, Motorola Edge 20 Fusion is actually so good for all kinds of gamers, and here are some features of the device that make it really good for the gamers:

  • The smartphone contains an amazing display and real gamers really understand how important it is to have a…

Very often, people have just a single concern with their bodies. While they think that they have a proportional body from all ends, they just need to get rid of that belly fat in order to get into their best shape. But better said than done, that fat on your belly would not go away that easily, especially if you are in a desk job.

When you keep sitting the entire day long, your body has nowhere to transfer that extra food and it gets deposited as a layer of fat on your body. And as quickly as it gets…

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